The second version of Open Data for Open Cities Agile Conference Workshop: The reuse of open data through spatial analysis.

Cities are the hubs of innovation driving the economic development of the world. According to the United Nations, one in every three people will live in cities by the year 2030. There is an urgent need to not only make cities more citizen-friendly but also sustainable.

The explosive growth of cities and the rapid expansion of broadband and data are intersecting at a time when the world faces serious challenges to achieving more sustainable development. Sensors and digital devices generate a huge amount of data from which cities and governments can create indicators and learn new knowledge. There are several data processing and analysis techniques to learn from that data and make our cities inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable.

During this second edition of the open data for open cities workshop,  we will discuss what open data means while focusing on how cities can improve the reuse of published data through analysis use cases. Using a case of study, we will make use of open data to develop a research question based on a current city challenge, describe the variables and their spatial relationships, calculate basic statistics, and present results clearly all be using open tools. By the end of the interactive hands-on session, participants will be able to make use of R to manage and visualize their data, including how to deal with missing data, variable groups, and graphs.

The pre-conference workshop will be held at the 21st AGILE International Conference on Geographic Information Science, Lund, 12 May 2017.

We invite all who want to be a part of a discussion on the real impact of Open Data in cities and the reuse of open data through spatial analysis to present their works, position papers,  demos, or prototypes in our workshop.

This workshop is a part of the GEO-C ( Enabling Open Cities) project which is a joint European project between three universities; NOVA Information Management School in Portugal, Universitat Jaume I in Spain and the Institute for Geoinformatics in Munster, Germany.


Call for Papers

If your research/project is related to this workshop or you want to be a part of a discussion about the reuse of open data through spatial analysis, you are invited to present your research at our workshop.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Open Data (use cases and related studies)
  • Open Data for open and sustainable cities
  • Impact of Open Data in cities
  • City Ranking using open indicators
  • Spatial analysis of open data using R language
  • Data processing
  • Machine learning with open data using open tools
  • Correct or effective visualization of open data in cities.

Submission, Important Dates  and Publication Details 

Short papers (< 3000 words) on your related ongoing research in Open Data, its reuse and applicability in spatial analysis or your position papers (< 1000 words) describing your application, strategy or demo related to aforementioned topics.

Papers must be submitted via a pull request to the GitHub repository https://github.com/GeoTecINIT/OpenData4OpenCities or via email to adeoluwa.akande@novaims.unl.pt sending your PDF file. Please follow the templates in word, PDF, and Latex available in the above repository mentioned.

  • March 30, 2018:   Submission deadline for short and position papers.
  • April 20, 2018:  Author Notification.
  • Jun 12, 2018:  2nd Open Data for Open Cities AGILE Conference Workshop.

Also, the selected papers will be included in CEUR Workshop Proceedings (CEUR-WS.org). Have a look at the proceedings of our last Open data for Open Cities workshop in the last AGILE conference in Wageningen – The Netherlands. http://ceur-ws.org/Vol-1952/ 

CEUR is a free open-access publication service of Sun SITE Central Europe operated under the umbrella of RWTH Aachen University. CEUR-WS.org is a recognized ISSN publication series, ISSN 1613-0073. CEUR-WS.org is hosted at http://SunSITE.Informatik.RWTH-Aachen.DE/Publications/CEUR-WS/.


If you are interested in attending the 2nd  AGILE Workshop Open Data for Open Cities – OD4OC in next AGILE conference in Lund – Sweden, please provide us your data in order to keep contact with you and send you all the updates through this form. (Remember that in order to attend this workshop you must be registered in AGILE conference website, this registration is just for an email list.)

Pre-Register here.


The workshop will be managed by people from two European universities which are part of “Enabling Open Cities (Geo-C, www.geo-c.eu)” project. If you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Organizing Committee:

Programme Committee

  • Prof. Pedro Cabral (NOVA University)
  • Prof.  Marco Painho (NOVA University)
  • Adeoluwa Akande (NOVA University)
  • Prof.  Joaquin Huerta (UJI University)
  • Fernando Benitez (UJI University)
  • Fernando Santa (NOVA University)